A year in the making, MediaMerge releases the MM-IB1 multi-functional interface board.

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MediaMerge, Inc., has announced the release of the MM-IB1 multi-functional interface board. With the introduction of this new product, MediaMerge now offers a proprietary solution to audio signal distribution in large applications.

In the past, hard patching of audio lines would occur in a terminal box via terminal strips and spade connectors. Because terminations are made using specialized connectors, the MM-IB1 provides a greater degree of flexibility than the traditional terminal strip .

The MM-IB1 is equipped with a jumper network that allows signals to be daisy-chained or passively-split. The jumper network also allows for a wide range of applications due to its ability to accommodate line/microphone isolation transformers. The MM-IB1 enables MediaMerge to offer a flexible high-quality/low-cost solution for large-scale audio signal distribution.

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