MediaMerge Project Wins Solomon Award

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Atlanta, Ga. September 21, 2012: MediaMerge, Inc., of Birmingham, Alabama. was the winner of the 2012 Solomon Award for Best Design, Installation and Operation of an Audio, Video and Lighting System. The winning project was for Mobberly Baptist Church’s new children’s and education building in Longview, Texas, named “The Bridge.” The award was given at the 2012 Worship Facilities Expo held at the CNN World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga.

Mobberly Baptist Church ( in Longview, Texas, contracted with MediaMerge for their new 51,000-square-foot facility named “The Bridge.” The Bridge is capable of holding about 1,000 adults in classrooms on the first floor, and up to 800 children at a time for small group classes on the second floor. In addition, there are two worship centers on the second floor. One of these rooms, dubbed “The Depot,” is used primarily for children’s worship, seats about 230 people and offers cutting-edge church sound system and church video system technology. On MediaMerge’s recommendation, set designers were selected to help with the development of a train station motif that includes a 25-foot tall water tower, and a steam engine complete with working smokestack. MediaMerge designed the multi-channel sound, video and theatrical lighting systems in conjunction with the set designer to create an environment that is engaging to children, technically inspiring and suitable for a variety of live events, including weekly worship services. A second 200-seat worship center for older children features a 19-by-4 screen using three edge-blended projectors combined with LED and conventional stage lighting to create a more concert-oriented stage look. Mixing consoles for both worship rooms can be remotely controlled from an iPad.

“From the outset, the church’s primary goal was to deliver high-quality presentations with enough flexibility to meet a wide range of needs and, most of all, the ability to achieve outstanding results using church volunteers,” remarks system designer of MediaMerge, Tim Ogletree. “ The consistent quality of the presentation at The Bridge, day-in and day-out, is a testament to the success of that approach.”


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