Church Sound System – The Basics

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Is your sound system effective?

There are a number of issues that ultimately will determine the effectiveness of your church sound system installation. For non-technical leaders and decision makers it can be hard to know what differentiates one approach from another. In fact, of the hundreds of worship leaders and administrators we meet each year, very few can clearly identify what an effective sound system even is.

In most��instances the sound committee or tech team has had limited experience with the process of designing or installing a new sound system. Defining a clear set of expectations should be your first step when undertaking a new project. We can help with that!

What should you expect from a modern  church sound system?

You should expect the following from a well-designed church sound system:

  • First do no harm. A good system doesn’t create distraction and should go relatively unnoticed.
  • Everybody should hear the same thing. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and you can’t control where visitors will sit. Make sure every seat is a good one.
  • The sound tech should be able to hear. The sound at the mix position should be the same as what the congregation hears.
  • No feedback. With modern design techniques and equipment feedback is avoidable and should be considered completely unacceptable.
  • Vocals should be clear and easy to understand. It shouldn’t take effort to understand what is said.
  • Music should sound good. The overall sound should be balanced and pleasing.

If you can’t check each of these boxes, then your sound system is failing your congregation. With the right design a properly installed sound system should achieve all of these objectives. There are several aspects of design and installation that are key to a successful project. Ignoring any of these elements will create the issues that commonly plague church presentation. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your church sound system.

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