CBelland“In every way, MediaMerge represented cutting edge capability with an unflagging sense of camaraderie and eagerness to make our vision a reality in what is certainly one of the most compelling new museums in the United States. With our budget, I don’t think it would have been possible with any other company.”

Chris Belland, CEO
– Historic Tours of America
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum


MediaMerge’s Living Technologies provide you with a unique approach to engaging guests. Three simple principles guide the design of these technologies:

> Make it personal.

> Make it exciting.

> Make it memorable.

Whether it’s the novelty of unexpected engagement or the wonder of life-like illusion, our goal is to bring history to life.


Holographic-Projection> Holographic Projection

MediaMerge Holographic Projection technology uses sound, video and lighting to present the illusion of an actual person standing on your stage and talking directly to your guests.

You’ll know they’re engaged by the smiles on their faces, and they will walk out in wonder of the historic figure that stood before them and vanished before their eyes.

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Talking-Portraits> Talking Portraits

MediaMerge’s Talking Portrait technology uses sound and proprietary treatments of live-action video to present the illusion of a painting that can speak and move.

Your guests enjoy the rush of excitement as portraits spring into action, and historic characters engage them with tales of their own trials and adventures. The effect is so real that in many instances guests literally jump and laugh out loud when the portraits come to life.

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> Living Mirror™

MediaMerge’s Living Mirror™ uses sound and video to deliver the illusion of a character on an actual mirror.

As your guests peer into the mirror, the character steps out of the darkness placing them face to face with the living past. As the illusion concludes the character fades back into darkness leaving the guest staring at themselves in the mirror.


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