Mugar Omni Theater // Boston, MA

The Mugar OMNI Theater is located at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. The 5-story tall dome theater is used to present giant screen documentary films for the 1.6 million visitors the museum receives each year. MediaMerge was hired to replace the digital sound source and show control systems and to upgrade the failing lighting system for pre-show and special event programming.

The lighting system was updated to provide effect lighting behind the dome for use during the pre-show. The newly renovated  lighting system provides an impressive effect as the dome appears to become transparent and the building structure can be seen behind the screen.

At the heart of the system is the ShowSource media server, developed by MediaMerge for the giant screen industry. The ShowSource provides sound and video playback, and also provides show automation for the theater’s media systems. The system is controlled with touchscreens featuring  the graphical user interface specially developed for giant screen film presentation.