Foundry Rescue Mission // Bessemer, Alabama

The Foundry Rescue Mission is a unique organization located in Bessemer, Alabama, with the mission “to restore hope and rebuild the lives of the addict, the ex-inmate and the destitute through Christ-centered recovery, re-entry and rescue.” The Foundry engaged MediaMerge to design and install a complete sound, video and lighting system as part of the renovation of a  600 seat sanctuary building donated by a local church.

The church’s sound system installation is a Left-Center-Right configuration with a digital mixing console and personal monitor mixing system designed for the church’s high-impact, dynamic worship services.

The video system includes high-definition digital video projection and stage monitoring for musicians and speakers on stage.

The lighting system includes incandescent lighting for broadcast with color scrollers and gobos for pattern projection on the rear wall for architectural effect.

The broadcast system includes multiple high-definition video cameras that are used for the weekly live web-cast and archival on the church’s website.