Tuttleman IMAX Theater // Philadelphia, PA

The Tuttleman IMAX Theater is located at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. The theater is used to present giant screen documentary films for the million+ visitors the museum receives each year. MediaMerge was hired to replace the aging sound and show control systems and to install a new digital video system for pre-show and special event programming.

The sound system includes six large-format point-source loudspeakers, complete with a dual-21″ cinema subwoofer. The clearances were so tight that the existing loudspeakers were cut into pieces for removal. The new loudspeakers were then hoisted into place and commissioned for use.

A digital projection system was installed to provide pre-show video and support for special events like lectures and educational satellite broadcasts.

The lighting system was updated and includes LED cove lighting to provide a rich variety of color on the 360 degree dome. MediaMerge also installed effect lighting behind the dome for use during the pre-show.

At the heart of the system is the ShowSource media server, developed by MediaMerge for the giant screen industry. The ShowSource provides sound and video playback, and also provides show automation for the theater’s media systems. The system is controlled with touchscreens featuring  the graphical user interface specially developed for giant screen film presentation.