Trinity Baptist Church // Kerrville, Texas

Trinity Baptist Church engaged MediaMerge to replace their aging sound, video and lighting systems.

The church seats approximately 800 and is located in Kerrville, Texas, just 60 miles northwest of San Antonio.

The church sound system installation includes new loudspeakers in a stereo configuration, a sub-woofer package for extended low-frequency response, choir monitoring, a digital mixing console, a personal monitor mix (PMM) system, and eight channels of wireless microphone.

The church video system update includes new projectors, fixed front-projection screens, LCD monitors mounted on the balcony for the stage, and a seamless video switcher with a custom software interface.

The stage lighting system includes an array of incandescent conventional fixtures for front wash and color-mixing LED instruments for architectural accents. The system is controlled with a lighting console designed specifically for a mix of conventional and intelligent instruments.

The broadcast system includes a digital mixing console for broadcast audio that is tied digitally to the audio console in the sanctuary. The broadcast video is controlled using a seamless switcher with a multi-view monitor, and the system includes a software-based waveform/vectorscope to evaluate color and exposure levels. The broadcast system is configured for live streaming of services on the internet.