Woodbine United Methodist Church // Pace, Florida

Woodbine United Methodist Church engaged MediaMerge to design and install a complete sound, video and lighting system for their 400 seat worship center.

The church is located in Pace, Florida, just outside of Pensacola.

The sound system is a stereo format with flown subwoofers above the stage. A personal monitor mix (PMM) system is included to reduce stage volume and simplify the job of systems operators so that they can concentrate on the house mix instead of worrying about the monitors. A digital console provides flexible control with recallable scene presets for consistent presentation week-to-week.

As part of the systems design, MediaMerge provided acoustical consulting to ensure that the room’s acoustical qualities would complement the church’s modern style of worship.

The church video system includes two-screen front-projection. Also, a prompter screen located in the rear of the sanctuary provides monitoring for the musicians and vocalists on stage.

The lighting system includes a basic wash using conventional instruments. Additional fixtures are included for back light and color. An array of ellipsoidal fixtures provide gobo patterns for effect on the back wall of the stage.