Giant Screen Pre-show Experience

What is the Giant Screen Pre-Show Experience?

In 2008, MediaMerge introduced “When Light Met Sound”, a pre-show developed specifically for the Giant Screen industry. The pre-show plays before the each film to introduce the technology in the theater and demonstrate the differences between conventional movie theaters and the giant screen experience.

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When Light Met Sounds tells the story of two characters, one representing light and the other representing sound, who clash when they first meet. After overcoming their differences, they discover that they can work together to create something special.preshow 11132008-4

The presentation uses MediaMerge’s media server technology, high-output digital video projection, six-channel surround sound and automated lighting controls to create a world in which sound and light intertwine and excite the senses.

The surround sound and visuals on screen work together with the theater’s LED lighting system to deliver a uniquely immersive experience for movie goers.

Why was it developed?

MediaMerge developed When Light Met Sound at the  request of several theater owners with aging systems who wanted to highlight the unique nature of the giant screen experience.