IB-1 Interface Board

IB1 Multi-function interface boardWhat is the IB-1?

The IB-1 is an elegant solution to a wide range of problems in the systems integration world. It can be used to terminate microphone lines, split and distribute intercom lines, provide line isolation and transformer isolated microphone splits for broadcast audio and stage  monitor mixers.

Why was it developed?

The IB-1 was developed to address a wide range of needs in a cost-effective configuration. Our installers were constantly asking for a way to perform a wide range of install tasks, and it became obvious that there was no commercially available solution.

MediaMerge developed the first generation of IB-1 in 2002, and over the years the IB-1 has evolved into an essential part of our installation arsenal.

How is it used?

In it’s simplest form, it is a way to reliably connect one wire to another. However, it’s usefulness doesn’t stop with mere termination. The IB-1 is typically installed in a central junction box, referred to internally as JB-1, or on din-rail in the back of equipment racks. It provides a cost effective and reliable means for terminating cables. The IB-1 also provides crucial test points for troubleshooting service issues should they occur.